Front line on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches

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Apartments, rooms, studios and a large house all traditionally constructed. Wood cabins surrounded by a well tended garden with direct access to Zahora beach. [/ut_service_icon_box]

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Sit down to eat inside our restaurant or on our sea view terrace, where you can enjoy local fish and grilled meat, or selected dishes of national cuisine or international fusion.[/ut_service_icon_box]

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If your dream is to get married on a beach in Cádiz… Make it reality here and now on Zahora beach, next to Caños de Meca. Ask our wedding planner about availability.[/ut_service_icon_box]

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Live Music

Every afternoon before sunset Sajorami becomes a dance floor, groups from around the world kick start our evenings followed by our DJ lighting up the dance floor.[/ut_service_icon_box]